Net-O2 announces availability of its ATTEST Framework on Microsoft Windows
May 2, 2006

CHENNAI, May 02, 2006 — Net-O2 Technologies, a leading provider of IP and Layer-2 protocol test suites has announced the availability of its innovative Net-O2 ATTEST Testing Framework on the Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Server 2003 operating system. Previously ATTEST Framework only supported REDHAT Linux, but was accessible remotely from any desktop using the X-terminal software.

With its native support of the MS-Windows platform, the company expects to reach a wider base of customers, since many companies have standardized their environments with MS-Windows specific platforms. Though initially RSTP and RIP Test suites have been made available on MS-Windows, the company also plans to provide support for the other test suites also.

Net-O2 ATTEST Testing Framework is a powerful test automation tool that makes testing of protocol implementations an easy and efficient process, because of its powerful debugging features and multi-level test reports and logs. Overall, ATTEST enables more testing in less time and enables a streamlined test process.