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IT Monitoring Solutions for Financial Services

The financial services industry comprising of banks, financial services and insurance (BFSI) and new-age fintech companies, have accelerated their digital transformation journey by deploying new technologies such as AI, advanced analytics, cloud and real-time mobile multimedia communications to remain competitive.

While these organizations are investing in deploying newer infrastructure and applications to meet customer experience expectations, their IT teams face challenges in real-time observability and visibility over legacy and new infrastructure using current toolsets.

There is also the growing demand for increased computing capabilities and dependence on reliable connectivity to branch locations and customers across geographically dispersed and remote locations, with increased use of video-conferencing and multi-media applications.

IT teams need real-time observability in legacy and new environments to ensure that their infrastructure and applications are available and performing well to the satisfaction of their users and customers.

Top IT challenges faced by financial services organization

Effectiveness of current IT infrastructure

Next generation applications increasingly demand more computing, memory and storage along with  better connectivity

Availability of time critical applications

Connectivity to distributed locations for time critical applications need to be closely monitored

Increasing capacity and demand

Ineffective  tracking of capacity utilization and planning for demand could result in breakdowns and poor performance

Support for remote and dispersed sites

Enabling consistent digital experiences for collaboration regardless of location, device types, connectivity etc.

Increased threats from compromised resources

IT resources without latest security patches accessed from less secure environments can prove risky

Limitations of existing tools

Multiple vendor specific monitoring systems and legacy tools not sufficiently upto the task

Veryx Cloudmon enables financial services and fintech companies overcome challenges related to IT infrastructure, network and application performance, enabling them to ensure superior digital experiences:


Veryx Cloudmon visibility solution
Effectiveness of IT infrastructure Provides timely intelligent alerts for potential problems
Time critical applications Supports monitoring at high granularity for critical applications
Capacity and demand Provides reporting on utilization levels
Remote site support Supports monitoring of remote devices for quick trouble-shooting
Threats from compromised resources Provides visibility of threats from the network
Limitations of existing toolsets Consolidates and provides a unified view of servers, networks and end-points
Unified Visualization

Easily administer IT infrastructure to resolve issues.

Deep visibility

Resolve network performance problems with high visibility

Affordable, cloud-based

Available for both on-premise and cloud in pay as you go model

Cloudmon for Enterprises

Cloudmon ITIM

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Monitor servers, VMs, networks and user devices.
  • Monitor VMs and VPCs in public cloud.
  • Monitor networks and WAN end-points.
  • Monitor remote user devices.
  • Monitor business-critical applications for availability.

Cloudmon NTM

Network Traffic Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of traffic flows, top users, top sites etc.
  • Correlate end-user digital experience with network and applications performance.
  • Assess and diagnose IP networks and application performance.

Cloudmon DEM

Digital Experience  Monitoring

  • Monitor End User Experience for remote users
  • Monitor site-level experience for branch locations
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues