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Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM)

Cloudmon-ITIM provides a unified visualization of the IT infrastructure for monitoring servers, VMs, networks, cloud and remote user devices. As a result, Cloudmon-ITIM helps IT and DevOps teams to easily manage and administer the entire IT infrastructure from a single tool, with higher automation and service levels.

Cloudmon-ITIM can be installed either in public cloud or on-premises.

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Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM)

Cloudmon ITIM provides a unified visualization of the IT infrastructure, covering servers, networks, cloud and remote hosts, enabling IT and DevOps teams to easily manage and administer the infrastructure. Choose from Cloud-based or on-premise options.

With global recessionary trends, IT leaders are under pressure to do more with less:

Meeting target KPIs and SLAs at reduced budgets mean that IT needs to deploy better tools that are capable and deliver cost-effective IT infrastructure monitoring

Reduced corporate travel means increase in remote group video conference usage and the resulting challenges in meeting user expectations of IT infrastructure performance

Gartner’s IT score for Infrastructure and Operations (dated 25 August 2022) based on benchmark data from 946 organizations, found that the biggest gap between importance of activities and their maturity level, exists in the area of monitoring of IT Infrastructure and Operations. 

Hence, CIOs and IT heads need to ensure better focus on monitoring IT Infrastructure and Operations. 

Cloudmon IT Infrastructure Monitoring Case Studies


Learn how a high-tech manufacturer reduced costs and improved operations with seamless monitoring across on-prem and cloud.


Learn how user experience was improved with proactive real-time monitoring of remote branch devices and networks.

IT & Software

Learn how customer experience was improved by ensuring availability of its SaaS application and having a single source of truth for visibility.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool Use Cases

Server Monitoring

Monitor physical servers and VMs (private and public cloud) for health and performance

Network Monitoring

Monitor LANs and WAN end-points for health and performance

Critical Resources Monitoring

Monitor mission-critical resources and applications for availability


Host & Remote Device Monitoring

Monitor remote workforce devices proactively, detecting anomalies and facilitating better troubleshooting for users.

Tool Consolidation

Monitor across cloud, VMs, physical servers, networking devices, remote user devices and more.

Key Benefits of Cloudmon ITIM

  1. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Lower management efforts and licensing costs of multiple tools with a single tool at highly affordable prices.
  2. Improve user experience – Quicker troubleshooting with diagnostic information, data correlation and historical trends leads to lower mean time taken to repair (MTTR)
  3. Flexibility & Control – Licensed in pay-as-you-go model, without long-term contracts and hidden fees. Available both for Cloud and on-premise.
Cloudmon ITIM dashboard

Why Cloudmon ITIM


Full visibility for your IT infrastructure – servers, networks and end-user devices, in a single tool.


Cloudmon ITIM intelli-alerts cut alert noise and helps correlate and get to the root of problems quickly.


Cloudmon ITIM provides automation capabilities for raising tickets and for remediation.

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