Net-O2 announces Carrier Ethernet conformance test suite
May 23, 2007

CHENNAI, May 23, 2007 — Net-O2 Technologies announced the availability of industry’s first connectivity fault management (CFM) conformance test suite for verification of CFM implementation in Carrier Ethernet devices.

ATTEST CFM test suite contains more than 150 test cases that validate CFM messages and device configuration in accordance with the IEEE 802.1ag draft 8.0 for service provider networking devices and customer edge devices. The CFM mechanisms defined by IEEE are very similar to those in the ITU-T Y.1731 standard.

Since the Carrier Ethernet market is in a relatively nascent stage, network equipment manufacturers and service providers can use this test suite to verify that their Ethernet switches and routers supporting the CFM mechanisms conform to the relevant standards, in order to provide reliable triple-play services and better interoperability in today’s multi-vendor networks.
Other relevant Carrier Ethernet ATTEST tests suites already available include 802.3ah OAM (operations administration and maintenance), spanning tree (STP, RSTP, MSTP), virtual LAN (VLAN) and link aggregation (LACP).