Net-O2 Announces Industry’s First Field-Test Version of MEF 9 & MEF 14
February 9, 2010

Chennai, INDIA – Feb 09, 2010 — Net-O2 Technologies ( today announced the industry first MEF 9 and MEF 14 field testing conformance test solutions on XenaCompact Ethernet test platform, for verifying Carrier Ethernet services in Service Provider networks. The solution is being showcased at MPLS Ethernet World Congress 2010, Paris.

ATTEST-CTS MEF 9 and MEF 14 are designed to perform MEF 9 and 14 tests in Field deployments using a set of remote XenaCompact systems, as well as Lab tests using standalone systems. This provides a significant step forward from current solutions that do not support the capability to perform these tests at geographically separate locations.

“Field testing based on MEF 9 and MEF 14 complements tests performed on equipment in the lab” said Bob Mandeville, President of Iometrix, the authorized MEF certification lab. “It extends the scope of testing to service delivery verification in production environments.”

Service Providers can use ATTEST MEF 9 and MEF 14 conformance test suites to ensure that the Ethernet services they offer to their Enterprise customers meet the SLAs. Network equipment manufacturers can use these test suites to assure that their products can be used in the Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) for seamless access to Ethernet Services.

“We are pleased that Net-O2 Technologies has chosen to design their MEF 9 and MEF 14 solutions to operate on the Xena platform.” said Jacob Nielsen, CEO of Xena Networks. “The field test capabilities of the ATTEST MEF 9 and 14 test suites when combined with Xena’s wire-speed, transportable Ethernet test equipment delivers an innovative MEF testing solution for service providers, equipment manufacturers and enterprises”, continued Mr. Nielsen.

“ATTEST MEF 9 and 14 conformance suites recently underwent test trials at Iometrix labs,” said David Charlu, CEO of Net-O2 Technologies. “Service Providers will find these test suites valuable, since it allows them to overcome challenges faced in end-to-end measurements and ensure that their Ethernet Services meet committed SLAs in a straightforward manner. Equipment manufacturers can now easily pre-qualify their equipment to accelerate the formal MEF 9, 14 certification process.”