Net-O2 announces tests for Provider Bridges
June 18, 2008

CHENNAI, June 18, 2008 — Net-O2 Technologies announces the availability of conformance test suites for Provider Bridges. IEEE standard 802.1ad-2005 – Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment 4: Provider Bridges extends the specification of VLAN-aware MAC Bridges to enable a service provider organization to use a common infrastructure of Bridges and LANs to offer the equivalent of separate LANs, Bridged, or Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks to independent customer organizations.

ATTEST PB test cases verify the Provider Edge Bridge implementation for C-tagged, S-tagged and Port based service implementations. The test cases verify the handling of control PDUs (i.e., LLDP, LACP) and data frames for different C-VLAN, S-VLAN reserved addresses. The enhanced RSTP implementation for the CVLAN component is also verified.

Provider Bridges test cases verify the forwarding of tagged and untagged data frames against C-VLAN and S-VLAN based on both filtering database and service associations. The test cases also verify the creation and the maintenance of VLAN translation table entries and CVID registration table entries. ATTEST PB test cases have been grouped into 6 convenient test groups based on the
IEEE specifications for each category of functions.

Other Carrier Ethernet protocol test suites from Net-O2 Technologies include ATTEST CFM and ATTEST EFM-OAM. Together with other Layer-2 Test Suites such as RSTP, MSTP, VLAN and LACP, Net-O2 provides one of the most Functional solutions for conformance testing of Carrier Ethernet equipment.