Net-O2 introduces IPv6 and PPP test suites
July 22, 2005

CHENNAI, August 22, 2005 — Net-O2 Technologies, a leading provider of protocol conformance test suites has announced the availability of IPv6 and PPP conformance test suites.

“With the proliferation of internet-enabled devices, the support for a substantially larger address space has become an important consideration in planning and implementation of IPv6 networks for global reachability and scalability. We foresee increased demand for IPv6 support in equipment by 2006. Manufacturers enhancing their equipment for IPv6 support can significantly shorten their testing time and reduce costs with Net-O2 ATTEST IPv6” said David Charlu, President and CTO, Net-O2 Technologies.

“With the addition of the PPP test suite for testing PPP implementations for Ethernet networks, ATTEST now provides a comprehensive solution for equipment manufacturers incorporating Layer 2 functionality”, he added.

Net-O2 test solutions are based on Net-O2 ATTEST, a high productivity, high flexibility test framework. ATTEST has established itself as the testing framework of choice by many leading companies around the world to meet their IP and Ethernet testing requirements for Enterprise, Industrial, Multi-service, Metro Ethernet and Workgroup segments.