Net-O2 launches its ATTEST Test Suites for Gigabit Switches
July 1, 2003

CHENNAI, July 01, 2003 — Net-O2 Technologies launches Net-O2 ATTEST Layer 2 Suite for Gigabit Ethernet Switches comprising of test cases for MSTP, RSTP, STP, VLAN and 802.1X. Net-O2 ATTEST Test Suites is one of the industry first test suites to address the conformance testing requirements of Gigabit Ethernet Switch Manufacturers. Along with the ATTEST PIM-SM/DM and IGMP test suites, it offers one of the most comprehensive set of test suites for the Switch/Router Manufacturers implementing Enterprise switches, DSLAMs and Metro-Ethernet switches.

Ethernet Switch manufacturers are differentiating themselves by rapidly introducing enhanced features. Net-O2’s ATTEST test suites provide them an efficient solution for verification of these features in their implementations said Satish Tenkanadiyur, Head Sales and Marketing, Net-O2Technologies.

The Net-O2 ATTEST framework is based on a unique Test Execution Engine that allows us to offer new automated protocol tests in a standardized and seamless manner, said Harish C. Kandpal, Head of Software Development, Net-O2 Technologies. ATTEST Test Suites have been developed using industry standard Tcl scripts. ATTEST Test suite APIs and source files provide the flexibility to add or customize the test cases for specific requirements.

Net-O2 ATTEST is based on a standard Pentium based PC system running the RED HAT Linux Operating system and can be licensed as binary or source.