Telecom Italia and Veryx are innovating on Carrier Ethernet Service Lifecycle Test Solutions
October 16, 2014

An initiative to set stage for continuous innovation towards Dynamic, Agile and Orchestrated services as per MEF NaaS

Turin Oct 16, 2014 – Telecom Italia ( and Veryx ( announced that they are exploring solutions to evolve Telecom Italia’s service lifecycle testing capabilities.

Telecom Italia’s initiative is in line with its strong commitment to follow the MEF activities and processes to innovate CE 2.0 services and make them Dynamic, Agile and Orchestrated, as the MEF NaaS paradigm envisions. Telecom Italia is jointly innovating with Veryx, a leader in CE 2.0 testing.

TI was the first European Service Provider to get CE 2.0 certified and the first Service Provider worldwide to obtain the CE 2.0 certification for Ethernet Access Services (EAS) in April 2013. Furthermore, in 2014 Telecom Italia Sparkle (TI’s branch for International services) also achieved the CE 2.0 certification for EAS. TI is now in a unique condition to offer CE 2.0 compliant services end-to-end, both on the domestic and international segments, creating regional and global CE networks for its customers.

After getting certified for CE 2.0, TI started experiencing an increase of interest from its customers on Carrier Ethernet services and began benefiting from simpler technical discussions during business negotiations, thanks to the pre-defined MEF compliant services specifications.

“Nowadays, and as seen in Telecom Italia’s recent developments, Service Providers are innovating faster than ever. In this process, the services offered to customers, circuit configurations and equipment used may vary, making it very challenging for Carriers to ensure, on an on-going basis, that the services they offer throughout their networks are compliant to the industry specifications and are meeting the highest quality standards” said Isabelle Morency, VP of Engineering at Veryx Technologies. “Ensuring compliance in each phase of the service lifecycle is the key to success” she added.

For Telecom Italia, CE 2.0 certification is only the first step in its service evolution path. As part of CE 2.0 Service Management Lifecycle, Telecom Italia is scouting innovative solutions for Service Activation Testing (SAT), providing deep verification of the network devices involved in the service chain, while ensuring that the Service Levels Specification (SLS) are met for connectivity, configuration and performance.

Ultimately, the preferred Service Activation Testing solution will allow Telecom Italia to offer CE services at assured quality levels and performance benchmarks, with full verification during the provisioning and turn-up process and improvement in troubleshooting efficiency.

One of the main challenges in CE 2.0 service management lifecycle is the availability of the right tools to help design standard services, perform comprehensive Service Activation Testing and proactive SLA monitoring while at the same time optimizing the cost and effort involved in the testing and troubleshooting aspects.

Veryx Technologies has designed its latest automated testing solution, SAMTEST, to help service providers in all stages of the CE 2.0 Service Management Lifecycle i.e., Service design, Service activation testing, monitoring and troubleshooting. Its deep involvement in the MEF technical developments, expertise in testing and partnership with key industry players has enhanced Veryx SAMTEST to be a unique, flexible but comprehensive solution to CE 2.0 Service Management. Telecom Italia plans to leverage these features of SAMTEST to achieve its service management goals.

Telecom Italia and Veryx are planning lab trials of SAMTEST in the coming weeks, followed by a field trial. The tests will be conducted at the Telecom Italia’s Labs based in Turin and then moved out to the production network for the verification of actual CE 2.0 services.

About Telecom Italia:
Today Telecom Italia is Italy’s main ICT group and an important player on the Latin American market where TIM Brasil is a major operator in the country.

The company’s range of offers – focusing on advanced and integrated solutions for consumers, businesses and institutions – includes: telecommunications, internet, digital content, cloud computing, office and system solutions.

As it has done throughout its industrial history, Telecom Italia is basing its strategy on innovation, and over the three-year period 2014-2016, it will be investing 3.4 billion euros on the development of cloud computing and new generation technologies. The goal is to reach 50% of the Italian population with the new generation fixed ultra broadband (fiber) and 80% with the mobile network (LTE), by the end of 2016. In Brazil, too, the focus is on developing new generation infrastructures, with an investment of over 11 billion reais by the end of 2016.

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About Veryx:
Veryx Technologies is a leader in MEF CE 2.0 testing and offers comprehensive range of test solutions to enhance the Carrier Ethernet service assurance. Veryx SAMTEST is the recipient of The Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Award for Customer Value Leadership in Carrier Ethernet Testing.

Veryx provides innovative testing, automation and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, Enterprise IT and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing applications for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, SDN, NFV and Smart Networks.

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