Veryx adds support for VMWare in Veryx vTAP

April 1, 2018

Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of VMware visibility support in Veryx vTAP, enabling a seamless solution for private clouds and data centers using a variety of hypervisor environments

With increasing transition to data center and cloud based environments, enterprise IT staff are unable to use traditional monitoring tools for traffic visibility. Physical taps are incapable of effective monitoring for virtual environments since they cannot monitor inter-VM traffic occurring within hypervisors. Veryx vTAP provides complete visibility of VM traffic in virtual computing environments. Veryx vTAP supports advanced traffic filtering capabilities and tunneling encapsulation – VxLAN, GRE, and VLAN for traffic forwarding.

Veryx vTAP can work in conjunction with existing physical network taps, thus supporting hybrid networking environments where both physical and virtual taps co-exist.

Veryx vTAP now provides support for VMWare EXSi 6.5 in addition to KVM environments. Veryx vTAP controller software provides the capability to orchestrate virtual TAPs using vSphere or OpenStack. Veryx vTAP has received the VMWare Ready certification