Veryx announces MEF 3.0 Conformance Test & Diagnostics for Carrier Ethernet

April 19, 2019

Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of MEF 3.0 test suite for Carrier Ethernet services on its SAMTEST platform. SAMTEST is a versatile platform that supports a wide range of benchmarking standards involved in service design, turn-up testing and diagnostics.

MEF 3.0 is the third generation of MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet services providing the highest level of performance, assurance, and agility available in the industry. MEF 3.0 brings further enhancements to MEF CE 2.0, and supports token sharing, envelopes and bandwidth profile as per MEF 10.3.

Validation of services for MEF conformance proves to be a costly and time-consuming exercise for service providers and operators when verifying combinations of network parameters and conducting performance measurements in real-time deployment scenarios for different service types.  Veryx SAMTEST provides a readymade automated solution that delivers up to 80% savings in effort and time as compared to conventional testing.

Veryx SAMTEST architecture provides telecom service providers the necessary capabilities for their evolution towards the ‘Third Network’ as envisioned by MEF. SAMTEST supports physical probes as well as virtual probes that can be deployed as virtual machines and controlled using industry-standard orchestration software such as OpenStack and vCenter.

About Veryx

Veryx Technologies is a provider of innovative testing, automation, and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, enterprises, and network equipment vendors. Veryx offers solutions for network testing, visibility, performance monitoring, and equipment testing applications for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, IoT, NFV, and SDN.