Veryx announces Network Virtualization testing services
January 13, 2013

Philadelphia, PA, January 30, 2013 – Veryx Technologies ( announced Network Virtualization testing services. This includes verification for a comprehensive range of aspects such as VM Live Migration, QoS and Bandwidth Utilization, Security and Access Control Policies, High Availability and Resiliency Support, Scalability, Backward Compatibility with Legacy Network, Storage Area Network Interactions and Inter-Data Centre Interactions.

Demand for cloud-based data centers is growing dramatically recently, taking advantage of the cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) paradigm, in terms of scalability and better operational efficiencies. But due to the growing and dynamic nature of the cloud, cloud service providers have been facing bottlenecks and lack of flexibility in providing elastic, multi-tenant cloud operations. Network virtualization has emerged as compelling solution to overcome those bottlenecks and in supporting elastic, multi-tenant cloud operations, private clouds and even in SDN based networks. However this often turns out more complex than it seems, because of multiple approaches and adoption of differing technologies for the solution.

Veryx has identified key testing requirements to ensure reliable Network virtualization infrastructure and offers its expertise to support equipment manufacturers who are providing this feature.

About Veryx Technologies

Veryx Technologies ( is an innovative enterprise providing solutions that enable companies significantly reduce their testing related investments, while simultaneously enhancing the Product Quality and Efficiency of Testing. Veryx offers flexible cost-effective products, solutions and services for testing applications in Access, Carrier Ethernet, Data Center, Edge, Enterprise, Industrial Networking, Network Virtualization, Software Defined Networking and Security.

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