Veryx introduces virtual tap (vTAP) for visibility in Data Center and Cloud networks

November 8, 2016

Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of Veryx vTAP, a virtual network tap solution to provide complete visibility of inter VM and VNF traffic in virtual environments.

Veryx vTAP uses negligible amount of system resources and thus allowing providers to retain system resources for the VMs / VNFs hosted on the systems. With negligible deployment overhead, Veryx vTAP scales as the network grows and reduces operating expenditure by increasing monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

With Veryx vTAP, when service providers offer multiple services, they can monitor the current capacity of the network and current volume of traffic that is coming in for each service. Hence, the service provider can perform capacity planning for network in terms of resource requirement for future needs.

Veryx vTAP can work in conjunction with existing physical network taps, thus supporting existing hybrid networking environments where both physical and virtual components co-exist.

Given the rising transition to data center and cloud based environments, Veryx vTAP is able to achieve complete traffic visibility at minimal cost in current and next generation data centers and private cloud networks.

About Veryx:

Veryx provides innovative testing, visibility and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, Enterprise IT and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing requirements for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, SDN, NFV and Smart Networks.