Veryx introduces Xorus FlowAnalyzer for deep network analysis

September 1, 2017

Veryx Technologies ( a provider of superior intelligence and deep insights for networks, announced the availability of Xorus FlowAnalyzer, a solution for network monitoring, anomaly detection and visibility in Data Center, Enterprise IT and Telco networks.

Among the key capabilities of Xorus FlowAnalyzer is the ability to provide real time visibility of microbursts. With multiple large scale applications and rapidly growing number of virtual machines, physical devices, and data storage devices communicating at the same time, intense bursts of traffic occur over extremely short periods of time. These burst of traffic or ‘microbursts’ lead to loss of packets and consequently lower performance. Traditional monitoring systems which typically measure with granularity of seconds cannot detect microbursts.

Xorus FlowAnalyzer passively monitors the network and collects packet, application, and transaction data for continuous monitoring and fast troubleshooting, thus helping to pro-actively monitor anomalies and manage usage and performance trends. Xorus FlowAnalyzer also provides intrusion detection capability for attacks.

Xorus FlowAnalyzer thus provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for effective passive monitoring of networks, whether from the viewpoint of performance, usage, security or troubleshooting.

About Veryx:

Veryx provides innovative testing, visibility and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud & data centers, enterprises and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx for network and equipment testing, performance monitoring and visibility, for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, IoT, Cloud, Data Center, NFV and SDN.