Veryx releases updated SAMTEST service activation and diagnostics solution for quick roll out of MEF CE 2.0 based services
June 30, 2014

Veryx SAMTEST helps reduce the Carrier Ethernet Service Activation testing time from weeks to hours

Philadelphia, PA, September 10, 2013 – Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of a new version of SAMTEST, the industry’s most comprehensive, automated Service Activation and Diagnostics solution for Carrier Ethernet network service providers and Cable MSOs providing MEF CE 2.0 based Business Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul.

“SAMTEST enables faster roll-out of highly stable Carrier Ethernet services, resulting in quick pay-back. The productivity gains are especially pronounced in Wholesale Ethernet service activation involving multiple access partner circuits”, said David Charlu, CEO of Veryx Technologies. “Now, in addition to utilizing Veryx probes at either ends of a circuit, verification using remote access devices supporting loopback or ITU-T Y.1731 is available”, he added.

SAMTEST provides automated pre-built tests with comprehensive coverage for ITU Y.1564, MEF CE 2.0 and ITU-T Y.1731 for quick and thorough verification of circuits before turn-up, be it for E-line, E-LAN, E-Tree or E-Access service type.

The root cause of many of the customer reported issues point to MEF CE 2.0 service attributes related issues such as VLAN/CoS, burst handling, etc. Despite this, many service providers often tend to rely on mainly ITU-T Y.1564 or RFC 2544 based-tests, since testing for MEF service attributes during service turn-up involves significant amount of manual testing and is time-consuming. Thus a number of problems could potentially lie undetected until customers start using the network. With SAMTEST, Service providers can resolve these problems before turn-up.

Veryx SAMTEST solution along with Veryx ATTEST Test Management Solution provides comprehensive coverage for Carrier Ethernet Service testing from Service design and MEF Conformance to Service Activation and Troubleshooting. Veryx is organizing a webinar to present these solutions. To understand more, click here to register for a live webinar.

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Veryx Technologies ( is an innovative enterprise providing solutions that enable companies significantly reduce testing related investments, while simultaneously enhancing product quality and testing efficiency. Veryx is a leading provider of testing and service assurance solutions for Carrier Ethernet applications. Veryx also offers flexible cost-effective products and services for testing applications in Access, Cloud and Data Center, Edge, Enterprise, Industrial Networking and Software Defined Networking.

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