Veryx SAMTEST 2.3 supports network service providers transitioning to NFV

July 12, 2016

Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of SAMTEST version 2.3, the industry’s most comprehensive Carrier Ethernet service design, service activation and diagnostics solution. SAMTEST is now enhanced to support different service types and Ethernet mix traffic on both physical and virtual probes (vProbes). This enables service providers to confidently transition to NFV, SDN and Cloud infrastructure.

“SAMTEST is evolving rapidly to enable service providers align with the Carrier Ethernet standards. Given the highly positive feedback from our customers over the last 12 months, it is exciting that we have been able to support all the different service types on vProbes also,” said Selvaraj Balasubramanian, VP Products at Veryx.

SAMTEST 2.3 supports EMIX (Ethernet MIX) on both hardware and vProbes. Providing EMIX support facilitates standardized testing and verification of Metro Ethernet Network (MEN) design. Thus, the test results using SAMTEST are more relevant and realistic for service providers and customers for service design, activation and verification testing deployed both on physical and virtual networks.

Towards supporting service providers for testing different service types as they transition to virtual networks by embracing NFV, SDN and Cloud infrastructure, SAMTEST 2.3 has also extended support for E-LAN and E-TREE service types on vProbe.

In addition to this, SAMTEST 2.3 provides support for Access E-Line services as defined in MEF 33. With this support, service providers can test their networks’ ability to provide high speed internet access and connect to cloud customers who require a dedicated Ethernet UNI to connect to the datacenter.

SAMTEST thus provides a solid platform for IP and Carrier Ethernet service assurance and is the ideal tool for service providers considering the evolution towards the ‘Third Network’.

About Veryx:

Veryx Technologies is the leader in Carrier Ethernet testing offering a comprehensive range of test solutions to enhance quality of service.

Veryx provides innovative testing, automation and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, Enterprise IT and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing requirements for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, SDN, NFV and Smart Networks.