Webinar: A pragmatic approach to service assurance in 5G network slicing

July 17, 2018

Time: 8 AM PST

Duration: 45 minutes

Many leading network operators as well as network equipment manufacturers have already recognized network slicing as an ideal network architecture for 5G deployment. It provides the flexibility for network operators to slice one physical network into dedicated virtual networks, logically separated from one another and dedicated for different types of services, with different characteristics and requirements.

The challenges that network slicing presents to 5G operators are :

  • To validate network slices are suitably designed
  • To assure network slices are delivering expected performance at all times
  • To troubleshoot performance degradation for rectification

The webinar will cover, on how service assurance tools will help

  • Monitor network slice for service performance requirements
  • Alert when network slice performance deviates from service requirements
  • Recommend corrections to network configuration when deviations occur
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