Webinar: Demystifying Orchestration and Assurance Across SDN, NFV and CE 2.0

April 20, 2016

Date: 20 April 2016 | Time: 8 a.m PT
Duration: 45 minutes

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Webinar Overview

Service providers worldwide are moving toward the dream goal of service automation from the front end of customer ordering and service monitoring to the back end of service provisioning, network monitoring, and active service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement.

The dream becomes a demonstrated reality in this webinar, highlighted by a video of a live demo involving the orchestration and assurance of a Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) Ethernet WAN services network using data center based software-defined networking (SDN) software. Also explored are a customer self-service portal for on-demand ordering and monitoring of Ethernet services, intelligent customer premises equipment for provisioning and monitoring, and testing and monitoring software for ensuring workability across physical and virtual networks.

The webinar includes four participants, a multi-vendor, Orchestration Platform – WebNMS, collaborating with a Carrier Ethernet NID OEM – Omnitron Systems, SDN Routing/Switching Solution Provider – KulCloud, and a Network Testing and Monitoring solutions provider –Veryx.

The demonstration in this webinar aligns with MEF’s Third Network services and objectives to combine on-demand agility and ubiquity of the Internet with the performance assurances of Carrier Ethernet 2.0.

What will be covered in this webinar

  • Setting up network operations to deliver on-demand Ethernet services.
  • Involving the customer while reducing carrier operations staff involvement.
  • [VIDEO] Proof of concept (PoC) demonstration of on-demand Ethernet services.
  • Ensuring customer quality of service (QoS).

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Who should attend?

  • Network Architecture teams and teams currently involved in proof-of-concepts of NFV-based architecture from Telecom Service Provider organizations.
  • Service Providers offering Ethernet/IP services looking to transition to NFV.
  • Service Activation teams and Network operations teams involved in ensuring SLAs on NFV deployments.
  • Cloud Service Providers.
  • Network Engineering teams exploring virtualized testing and visibility tools.
  • Service Activation teams and Network operations teams involved in ensuring SLAs on NFV deployments.
  • Application providers and System integrators exploring NFV ecosystem.
  • Engineering teams of Equipment vendors who are developing network platforms supporting virtualization and third party virtual applications.