Webinar: Extending Real-time Service Assurance with 360° Visibility to Telco Cloud

May 23, 2017

Date: May 23 2017 | Time: 8 am PT
Duration: 45 minutes

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Webinar Overview

While network service providers are keen to adopt disruptive technologies such as network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) to facilitate rapid deployment of new services at improved ROI, they know they cannot afford to sacrifice service performance. Concerns arise primarily due usage of commodity hardware which are not designed for supporting real-time applications. Thus, there is the need for tools and mechanisms that can measure network service performance in a calibrated fashion that can accurately measure and help correlate the optimal performance of commodity hardware and related IT infrastructure needed to deploy the services. Service providers armed with such tools can confidently deploy their services on NFV-based environments.

What will be covered in this webinar

  • Challenges faced by telecom service providers while deploying NFV-based services.
  • Understanding potential bottlenecks in NFV infrastructure.
  • How to diagnose the bottlenecks and overcome them.
  • Overview of Veryx monitoring and visibility solutions.

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Who should attend?

  • Network architecture teams and teams currently involved in proof-of-concepts of NFV-based architecture from Telecom service provider organizations.
  • Network engineering teams exploring service assurance and visibility tools.
  • Service activation teams and network operations teams involved in ensuring SLAs on NFV deployments.
  • Application providers and system integrators exploring NFV ecosystem.
  • Engineering teams of equipment vendors who are developing network platforms supporting virtualization and third party virtual applications.