Lifetime free download of Veryx Cloudmon ITIM for advanced IT infrastructure monitoring available now

November 18, 2021

Veryx Technologies announced the availability of its new Veryx CLOUDMON ITIM software release that provides advanced capabilities for efficient IT Infrastructure monitoring for businesses. The new release includes support for new features, including a new triage dashboard and enhanced alarm correlation.

Veryx CLOUDMON ITIM is now available in three editions – Basic, Standard and Pro. Veryx has just released CLOUDMON ITIM Basic edition, a full feature free version of the software which is available for use from AWS Marketplace or as an on-premises download.

With support for server monitoring, network monitoring and remote end user device monitoring in one tool, IT System Administrators are able to get full visibility over the IT infrastructure with Veryx CLOUDMON ITIM, since it monitors:

  • virtual machines (VMs) on AWS, Azure and GCP, as well as VMware and KVM, in addition to monitoring physical servers based on Windows and Linux,
  • network devices and IP end-points and
  • end user devices along with installed OS and applications.

Veryx CLOUDMON ITIM includes an Intelli-alert feature that reduces alert noise and minimizes the system administrator’s efforts to sift through alarms raised.

Veryx CLOUDMON ITIM also supports a rule engine to better correlate alerts and provides the capability for automation of remediation.

About Veryx Technologies

Founded in 2002, Veryx Technologies ( is a provider of innovative visibility, security and testing solutions for enterprises, cloud service providers, network service providers, and network equipment vendors. Veryx products and solutions have been well recognized in the industry with numerous customer successes and awards for close to two decades. Veryx has technology and marketing partnerships with global players in the networking industry.