Net-O2 releases MPLS test suites for Carrier Networks
January 5, 2010

Chennai, INDIA – Jan 05, 2010 — Net-O2 Technologies announced availability of ATTEST-CTS LDP and ATTEST-XP MPLS L2-VPN test suites to verify multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) implementation in carrier Ethernet networks. ATTEST-CTS LDP verifies conformance to label distribution protocol (LDP) and ATTEST-XP MPLS L2-VPN verifies functionality of MPLS Layer-2 virtual private network (L2-VPN) implementations.

With MPLS becoming the predominant technology in Carrier Ethernet network, equipment vendors are providing MPLS support in their devices and service providers providing MPLS support in their networks. L2-VPNs provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connection for mobile backhaul, metro network, broadband access, data centers and enterprises.

ATTEST-XP MPLS L2-VPN provides support for verifying virtual private wire service (VPWS) and virtual private LAN service (VPLS) using the LDP signaling. It also verifies the redundancy support in the VPWS and VPLS implementation. ATTEST-XP MPLS L2-VPN can be used to verify the Pseudo-wire setup, Pseudo-wire teardown, Pseudo-wire maintenance, VPLS setup, VPLS teardown, MAC address withdrawal, Pseudo-wire redundancy, etc. It verifies this functionality in Provider Edge Router, MTU, Mobile Cell Sites, Network Controller and CPE/CLE.

ATTEST-CTS LDP verifies the protocol conformance for discovery, connection establishment, session management, maintenance of adjacency and label distribution for active and passive modes. ATTEST-CTS LDP can be used to verify protocol conformance for Discovery mechanism, Session Establishment, Session State Machine, Label Distribution and Management, Frame Format, Event Generation, Loop Detection, Message Authentication, Graceful Restart, Inter-Area LSP, etc.