Veryx and Intel Aid Workload Placement on OpenStack-Managed Cloud

November 10, 2017

Veryx and Intel teamed up to prove the functionality of the Veryx OSSA plugin using servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 and Intel Xeon processors E5-2400. The results of the PoC demonstrated that the algorithm selected the most appropriate server in the majority of placements and can substantially reduce the need for administrator intervention to manually relocate instances.

As network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions become more sophisticated and as Intel architecture-based servers add new hardware features with improved performance for specialized processing, placing these workloads—either virtual machines (VMs) or virtual network functions (VNFs)—on the right server is a critical element of virtualized infrastructure platforms like OpenStack-managed clouds.

Today, the choices for communications service providers (CommSPs) are to manually place workloads or to count on the rudimentary workload placement tools that are a part of OpenStack. But with the prospect of service quality being negatively impacted by suboptimal workload placement, CommSPs need better tools. Veryx Technologies, an Intel Network Builders ecosystem member, has developed its Optimal Server Selection Algorithm (OSSA) plugin to factor in more data to select server that is best-configured for workload placements.

Earlier this year, Veryx won the Intel innovation project award for high performance virtualized infrastructure.

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