An organization saved more than 30% on IT support effort and reduced MTTR by over 40% using Cloudmon ITIM

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Cloudmon ITIM – One tool for all IT Monitoring needs – on-premises and Cloud


IT Operations (ITOPs) in most organizations are typically occupied with day-to-day activities required to administer and keep all servers and applications running, ensuring uninterrupted availability of these resources for optimal user experiences. Added to this, their responsibilities include periodic monitoring of infrastructure, installation of software updates, setup of new systems, as well as problem troubleshooting.

Thus, typical challenges in performing the above tasks include:

  • Diversity of platforms and environment –hardware platforms, operating systems and applications, means that expertise is distributed and teams are leaner
  • Managing hybrid environments – on-premises and cloud-based proves
  • Digital transformation and migration support can take up a large chunk of effort and time
  • IT teams may have minimal or no bandwidth to monitor the performance of infrastructure and have to use multiple tools with increased reliance on automation
  • IT teams lack expertise for troubleshooting and performing root cause analysis (RCA)

Added to that in the post-covid environment, IT Operations also needs to provide increased support to its distributed remote workforce, adding further pressure on time and resources to complete their responsibilities.

“One of the key challenges we faced was lack of uniform visualization of the entire IT infrastructure – across servers, cloud, networks and hosts. That put us in an unenviable position when we had user complaints”

Cloudmon ITIM helps to IT Operations teams to consolidate their toolsets by using just one tool for automated real-time monitoring of its cloud, servers, networks and user devices – rather than use individual tools for management and monitoring of each of the IT resources, saving more than 30% in costs.

With Cloudmon ITIM Intelli-alerts, IT operations is able to reduce the sheer volume of alerts they received across organization’s infrastructure and focus on troubleshooting incidents that mattered most rapidly, leading to 40% less mean time taken to repair (MTTR).

Added to that in the post-covid environment, Cloudmon ITIM remote user support capabilities enable IT operations to  adequately support to its distributed remote workforce without adding further pressure on the IT support team.

Cloudmon ITIM Server Monitoring

Cloudmon ITIM gave the IT operations team enormous boost to its confidence in resolving problems quicker and helped to shed its earlier image as a slow reactive team:


  • Proactively ensuring the health and performance of servers and VMs across the organization’s hybrid environment
  • Ensuring that business critical applications like Office 360, SalesForce etc., are accessible and performing as expected
  • Monitoring the network connectivity between the HQ and branch locations.
  • Provide adequate remote monitoring for employee laptops and desktops being used in work-from-home (WFH) environments

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