Standards based active monitoring capabilities that work without dependencies on the network devices

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Cloudmon Telco Performance Monitoring Highlights

Active Monitoring
Uses synthetic traffic utilizing negligible bandwidth, for continuous, live and proactive monitoring. It performs layer 2 performance monitoring using synthetic SOAM (Y.1731) frames and of layer 3 service links using ICMP and TWAMP.
Vendor Agnostic
Zero integration and inter-operability issues; performs monitoring without any vendor dependencies, since it uses standards aligned approaches. Unlike traditional monitoring that could get impacted due to failure of network devices, Cloudmon Telco works unhindered.
Fast & Easy Troubleshooting
In case of failures and alarms, helps to easily analyze and isolate errors, by providing relevant capture of data traces.
Software-based initiators and reflectors
Software based-initiators and reflectors are deployed either as COTS-based physical probes or as virtual probes supporting 1/10G speeds.
Easy OSS integration
Easy integration with OSS/BSS framework using Northbound interface. Cloudmon Telco PM is well suited for NFV, SDN and Life-cycle Service Orchestration (LSO) based environments.

How Cloudmon Telco works

CLOUDMON Telco PM Controller is centrally located and accessed using a web interface. PM Initiators that are locating in optimal points within the network, generate synthetic SOAM frames for layer 2 and ICMP or OAM packets for layer 3 service links. CLOUDMON Telco PM supports monitoring using PM Initiators (physical or virtual) placed at suitable aggregation nodes. Veryx PM Reflectors augments performance monitoring in legacy networks.

Veryx CLOUDMON Telco periodically measure service performance parameters such as Frame Delay, Inter-Frame Delay Variation, and Frame Loss Ratio for all the circuits. These data then become the basis for performance analytics as CLOUDMON Telco PM gathers the service performance of each of these circuits on a continuous basis. CLOUDMON Telco PM provides graphical views and performance details over different time spans as required.

Detailed Use Cases
Service Assurance

With Cloudmon Telco, service providers can achieve SLA goals for networking services efficiently with a pro-active monitoring solution that delivers a high degree of precision and granularity, regardless of the number of services. The solution supports continuous, periodic and on-demand monitoring with configurable monitoring interval and frame sizes for Frame Delay, Inter-Frame Delay Variation, and Frame Loss Ratio.

CLOUDMON Telco PM dashboard provide health status of all circuits along with alarms and intelligent alerts. The dashboards can further be drilled-down to analyze associated metrics and alerts for troubleshooting at the circuit level

Whenever CLOUDMON Telco PM detects SLA violations, it automatically records the relevant traces for trouble-shooting and deeper analysis.

Once CLOUDMON Telco PM is integrated with OSS using Northbound interface, it can provide all the required information to the OSS as well. CLOUDMON Telco PM is well suited for NFV, SDN and Life-cycle Service Orchestration (LSO) based environments.


CLOUDMON Telco PM performs diagnostics and standards based measurements at Layer 3 using ICMP, UDP Echo and at Layer 2 using IEEE 802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1731.

Cloudmon Telco helps quickly isolating errors during failures, since it provides relevant capture of traces for problem resolution. It supports easy diagnostics with intuitive ladder diagrams and contextual hop-by-hop transaction analysis.

Monitor impact of network upgrades

Cloudmon Telco helps service providers ensure that service performance of their networks do not get impacted when network upgrades are performed. Cloudmon provides continuous and historical measurements of performance, so that it is simple to determine what caused the performance degradation and when.

By drilling-down to analyze associated metrics at the circuit level, it is possible to troubleshooting the cause of the alarms raised when SLAs are not being met.

Cloudmon Telco Features

Feature Details
Active Performance Monitoring and on-demand diagnostics  

  • Layer 2: IEEE 802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1731
  • Layer 3: ICMP, UDP Echo (RFC 862), TWAMP Light (RFC5357)
  • Compliant to MEF 35.1
Performance Parameters  

  • Layer 2: FD, FDV, MFD, FDR and FLR (as per MEF 10.3)
  • Layer 3: PD, PDV, MPD, SD and PLR
Frame Sizes
80/128/256/512/1024/1518 Bytes
Monitoring Interval
Monitoring per probe port
Up to 1000 Circuits
Monitoring per controller
Up to 25000 Circuits
Other Features  

  • Alarm generation and Auto diagnostics on SLA violation
  • Fault isolation/correlation, path trace, and path changes
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Datasheet: Cloudmon Telco Performance Monitoring