IETF adopts Veryx’s contribution for SDN controller benchmarking

December 9, 2015

Philadelphia, PA – Veryx Technologies (, a leading provider of communications test and measurement solutions, announced that its contribution for the internet draft on SDN controller benchmarking has been adopted by Internet Engineering Task Force – Benchmarking Methodology Work Group (IETF – BMWG). To read the IETF work item click here.

Anton Basil, VP – Engineering, Veryx, stated “Since each SDN controller tends to be distinct in design and approach towards network functionality, it is beneficial to have a standard mechanism that allows performance measurement of all SDN controllers in different real-world implementations. IETF-BMWG’s adoption of our contribution is an important milestone towards establishing a benchmarking standard for the SDN community”.

Bhuvaneswaran Vengainathan, Senior Manager, Veryx, who has authored this draft along with Anton Basil and members from other industry leaders, said “We are indeed pleased with this important milestone for SDN Benchmarking. We had initially submitted the Internet Draft to IETF in mid-2014 proposing the benchmarking methodologies of SDN controllers for flow performance, scalability, security and reliability. It had been under constant review by the members of IETF-BMWG and has finally been adopted after gaining support from the community.”

Towards accommodating the diversity in design and network functionality of SDN controllers, the authors have developed this draft by considering the SDN controller as a black box and have defined the metrics in a manner that is agnostic to protocols (such as OpenFlow) and network services supported by controllers.

Veryx has done pioneering work in developing benchmarking methodologies for SDN controllers and has implemented them in the Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test tool. Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is an integrated test solution that emulates a real-world SDN network with millions of flows, thus reducing the need for large-scale physical network infrastructure to test and benchmark SDN Controllers.  Veryx was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor 2014 – Communication Service Provider Infrastructure, for its PktBlaster SDN solution.

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