Net-O2 announces availability of MRP test suite for Industrial Ethernets
December 16, 2007

CHENNAI, Dec 16, 2007 — Net-O2 Technologies announces immediate availability of ATTEST MRP conformance test suite for media redundancy protocol (MRP). MRP is a new protocol for industrial Ethernet networking applications, as defined in IEC 62439: Industrial communication networks: high availability automation networks – 65c, 62439/Ed 1.0, 2007-04-06, clause 5.
“With increasing usage of Ethernet switches in applications such as factory automation, process automation and industrial networking, conformance and interoperability are key concerns for manufacturers providing solutions in this space and a Functional product that helps quickly detecting such issues is needed.” said David Charlu, CEO, Net-O2 Technologies. “ATTEST MRP, taken along with other Layer 2 test suites LLDP, RSTP, MSTP, VLAN, and LACP, result in a Functional conformance verification solution for Industrial Ethernet switches”.

The test cases verify generation and handling of valid and invalid OAM messages. The verification is done for customer, provider and operator domain levels. Y.1731 test cases also verify Continuity check (ETH-CC), Loopback (ETH-LB), Link trace (ETH-LT), Remote defect indication (ETH-RDI), Test (ETH-TEST), OAM performance and independent MEG Level support.ATTEST MRP verifies the role of MRP-manager and MRP-clients along with their state machine implementations. Tests verify implementations supporting tagged and untagged protocol frames for link-up, link-down, topology change and test frames.