Net-O2 announces expansion of its ATTEST MEF Test Suites portfolio
October 5, 2010

Chennai, INDIA, Oct 05, 2010 — Net-O2 Technologies announces the expansion of its ATTEST MEF Test Suite portfolio for Carrier Ethernet Networks, to enable Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and Network Service Providers (NSPs) to enhance their readiness to roll-out Carrier Ethernet services faster to the market.
MEF has been the key driving force for the successful evolution and adoption of the Carrier Ethernet. The MEF marketing committee is currently working to create the marketing requirements specifications document (MRD) to define the certification requirements for UNI type 2 and Global Interconnect (ENNI).
MEF Abstract Test Suites – MEF 21 (Link OAM), MEF 24 (ELMI), MEF 25 (Service-OAM) and MEF 27 (Protection and Enhanced UNI attributes) are used to verify UNI – Type 2 features and MEF 19 is used to verify UNI – Type 1 features. Since an UNI – Type 2 implementation has to be backward compatible with UNI – Type 1, all of the above Abstract Test Suites have to be used in the certification process.

MEF technical specification MEF 26 (ENNI- Phase 1) defines the requirements at the ENNI reference point as well as the interface functionality in sufficient detail to ensure interoperability between two operator MENs. It also includes connectivity attributes UNI to UNI, UNI to ENNI, and ENNI to ENNI such that multiple operator MENs can be interconnected and the Ethernet services and attributes in MEF 6.1 and MEF 10.2 can be realized.

As part of its continued focus and commitment to provide quality testing solutions for the MEF technical specifications and standards, Net-O2 will support additional ATTEST MEF test suites that would cover MEF 19, 25 and MEF 26. Combined with its other ATTEST MEF test suites for MEF 9, MEF 14 and MEF 21, Net-O2 Technologies offers a complete test solution to verify the MEF standards related testing requirements.

Net-O2 ATTEST automated test suites enables customers to deliver well-tested products resulting in immediate time-to-market thereby delivering better ROI. Net-O2 ATTEST test suites have been licensed by more that 50 network equipment manufacturers globally.