Net-O2 announces support for Carrier Ethernet OAM tests
November 18, 2008

CHENNAI, Nov 18, 2008 — Net-O2 Technologies announced release of its ATTEST-XP Functional test suites for operation administration and maintenance (OAM) verification in Carrier Ethernet networks. ATTEST-XP Carrier Ethernet supports tests for verifying functionality, scalability, robustness and multi-protocol operation and is found to be useful for pre-deployment testing.

As Ethernet replaces the traditional Sonet/SDH based technology in carrier networks, OAM support has become a key requirement in meeting the Carriers’ benchmarks for optimal delivery of next generation services and applications. Services OAM specifications as defined by IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-Y 1731, provide the necessary capabilities to ensure end-to-end connectivity, whereas Link OAM specifications as defined by IEEE 802.3ah, ensures reliability of point-to-point links.

ATTEST-XP tests verify for aspects such as handling of valid/invalid PDUs, CFM-Fault notification /isolation/verification, OAM-link monitoring/fault detection/remote loopback-control/peer discovery. It includes cases to verify the support of test signals, Alarms, Frame loss, Frame delay measurements and the support for various vendor and experimental TLVs specified in Y.1731.
ATTEST-XP test suite contains scalability test cases that verify the devices’ capability for large number of remote End Points (MEPs/MEGs) and Intermediate Points (MIPs) at different levels. The test suite verifies OAM functionality in combination with the other protocols features such as MSTP and LACP.

Other Carrier Ethernet protocol test suites from Net-O2 Technologies include ATTEST-CTS CFM, ATTEST-CTS Y.1731 and ATTEST-CTS EFM-OAM. Together with other Carrier Ethernet suites such as Provider Bridges and Layer-2 test suites such as RSTP, MSTP, VLAN and LACP, Net-O2 provides one of the most complete solutions for testing of Carrier Ethernet equipment.