Net-O2 announces support for MEF 21 tests
May 13, 2009

CHENNAI, May 13, 2009 — Net-O2 Technologies announced the release of its ATTEST-CTS MEF 21 protocol conformance test suites for Carrier Ethernet networks. The MEF 21 specification, the Abstract Test Suite for Link OAM (Operations Administration and Maintenance), incorporates Link OAM test procedures, described in IEEE 802.3-2005, to provide diagnostics and metrics for line disturbances on point-to-point Ethernet links.

Commenting on this release Mr. David Charlu, chief executive officer, Net-O2 Technologies said “As a leading provider of innovative communications testing solutions, Net-O2 is fully committed to supporting our customers’ testing needs in emerging technologies. Our announcement today is a reaffirmation of this commitment through the enhancement of the ATTEST portfolio of testing solutions. The MEF 21 test suites are the first of a number of new test solutions that Net-O2 plans
to announce over the next few quarters”.

As Ethernet replaces the traditional Sonet/SDH based technology in carrier networks, OAM support has becomes a key requirement in meet the carriers’ benchmarks for optimal delivery of next generation services and applications.
“ATTEST-CTS MEF 21 suites would enable equipment manufacturers ensure interoperability by compliance to the OAM standards,” said Manikantan Srinivasan, chief technology officer of Net-O2 Technologies. “Equipment manufacturers can use the ATTEST test suites in preparation for the MEF.21 certification process. Service providers can use the test suites in the pre-deployment stage to detect potential interoperability issues with existing equipment.”

According to Infonetics Research, Carrier Ethernet equipment market is expected to top $32 billion in 2013, driven by the need to handle fast-growing traffic from consumer, business, and mobile backhaul networks, including skyrocketing video traffic with the largest investments in IP core and edge routers, carrier Ethernet switches (CES), and optical gear.

ATTEST-CTS MEF 21 provides test cases in accordance with the Iometrix test plan, to verify the Link OAM protocol and the management support requirements in service provider networking (UNI-N) devices as well as in customer edge (UNI-C) devices. ATTEST-CTS MEF 21 is based on the ATTEST 6.x test framework which enables quick integration with equipment manufacturers’ devices under test for automated testing, fast test turnarounds and easy regression analysis for ongoing quality assurance management.

Other Carrier Ethernet protocol test suites from Net-O2 Technologies include ATTEST-CTS CFM, ATTEST-CTS Y.1731 and ATTEST-CTS EFM-OAM. Net-O2 provides one of the most complete solutions for testing of Carrier Ethernet equipment, including Provider Bridges (Q-in-Q) and Layer-2 test suites such as RSTP, MSTP, VLAN and LACP.