Net-O2 releases a new version of its ATTEST testing framework
March 1, 2010

Chennai, INDIA – March 01, 2010 — Net-O2 Technologies announced the latest version of its ATTEST Test Framework for automated testing of communications systems. The new version – Net-O2 ATTEST 6.1 provides better comparison of results across multiple test runs and integration with defect tracking system.

Net-O2 ATTEST 6.1 supports a more intuitive view of progress across test runs. The regression comparison report feature could be used to easily compare test performance of a device against another version of the same or reference devices. This feature saves QA and Test engineers’ valuable time in sifting through historical test data across multiple devices and test runs.

Net-O2 ATTEST 6.1 is integrated with the defect tracking utilities like Bugzilla and Mantis, providing easy creation and tracking of defect reports. ATTEST thus provides test engineers and developers an easy way to correlate and track the device’s defect history with respect to the testing process. ATTEST also supports an extendable API that allows integration with other bug tracking solutions.

In addition, the framework has been enhanced to support distributed field testing utilizing multiple remote ATTEST test systems. This capability has been utilized in its ATTEST MEF 9 and 14 test solutions.