Net-O2 releases ATTEST SwitchTester Product for Layer 2 functionality tests
January 2, 2007

CHENNAI, Jan 02, 2007 — Net-O2 Technologies, a leading provider of IP and Layer-2 protocol test suites has announced the availability of Net-O2 ATTEST SwitchTester.

Net-O2 ATTEST SwitchTester is a new generation of tests that comprehensively verify functionality of Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches, delivering the following features:
STP, RSTP, VLAN, 802.1x, LACP and IGMP Snooping tests
Multiple protocol testing
Upto 24 test ports
Testing for robustness and performance

Net-O2 ATTEST SwitchTester test cases execute in an automated manner using ATTEST – a powerful integrated test framework that requires minimal time for set-up and enables efficient use of time and test resources.

ATTEST SwitchTester is designed to run on standard open source Linux-based server PC Platform supporting PCI-X interfaces. Suitable combination of NIC cards provides support for 4 to 24 test ports. Test interfaces supported are as follows:
10/100 Mbps (Copper)
1 Gbps (Copper / Fiber)
10 Gbps (Fiber)

As the Ethernet Switching market is highly competitive, equipment manufacturers are faced with increasing pressure to deliver feature-rich products at lower price per port. Typical testing solutions available in the market do not provide such a high level of ready automation capability for easy verification of protocol functionality in switches. The product would greatly benefit developers and test engineers implementing switching solutions for Enterprise, Edge, Metro, Storage and Industrial applications.