Net-O2 releases BFD test suite for IPv4
April 25, 2006

CHENNAI, April 25, 2006 — Net-O2 Technologies, a leading provider of IP and Layer-2 protocol conformance test suites has announced the availability of bi-directional forward detection (BFD) test suite for IPv4 routers.

Bi-directional forward detection is a mechanism (draft-ietf-bfd-base-04) being defined by IETF to rapidly detect faults in the bidirectional path between two forwarding devices with potentially very low latencies.

The need for more reliable mechanisms such as BFD to rapidly detect network and link failures becomes increasingly important in supporting demanding time-critical applications over the public and private internet. The availability of ATTEST BFD test suite for IPv4 would help our customers significantly reduce their testing time and costs said David Charlu, CTO, Net-O2 Technologies.
ATTEST BFD provides 148 test cases supporting testing for both asynchronous and demand mode based sessions.