Net-O2 releases industry’s first Link Aggregation (LACP) Test Suite
July 21, 2004

CHENNAI, July 21, 2004 — Net-O2 Technologies, one of the leading providers of Protocol Conformance Test solutions announces immediate availability of Net-O2 ATTEST LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) test suite. ATTEST LACP’s comprehensive test coverage enables network equipment manufacturers verify conformance to the IEEE 802.3-2002 Clause 43 specifications. ATTEST LACP test suite runs on the ATTEST 2.2 Automated Testing framework, which provides advanced Test Automation features that accelerate testing.

“Net-O2 ATTEST is already one of the most comprehensive test suites addressing the conformance testing requirements of Ethernet Equipment Manufacturers, resulting in significant reduction in testing time” said N. Muthu Kumaran, CEO, Net-O2 Technologies. LACP is our newest addition to the Layer 2 suite and will be a significant value enhancer for chipset manufacturers and Ethernet Switch manufacturers implementing Enterprise switches, DSLAMs and Metro-Ethernet switches.

ATTEST LACP provides for testing of Link Aggregation group selection logic, Receive State Event machine, Transmit State Event machine and the Marker Protocol. ATTEST LACP can be used to test the Device Under Test (DUT) in both shared medium networks and in loop-back configurations.

Net-O2 Technologies also offers other Protocol test suites including MSTP, RSTP, STP, VLAN and 802.1X and IP Multicast Protocols including PIM and IGMPv3.