Veryx adds tests for PRP verification in Industrial Ethernet Networks
February 28, 2013

Philadelphia, PA, February 28, 2013 – Veryx Technologies ( announced the availability of Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) test suite, ATTEST-CATS PRP for Industrial Ethernet networks supporting IEC62439-3 Clause 4.

ATTEST-CATS PRP is ideal for industrial Ethernet network equipment manufacturers who desire an automated solution for verification of Parallel Redundancy Protocol implementation in their industrial Ethernet equipment. PRP relies on the parallel operation of two local area networks and provides completely seamless switchover in case of failure of links or switches, thus fulfilling all the hard real-time requirements of substation automation. PRP offers vendor-interoperable communications that takes zero time to recover from a failure.

Veryx ATTEST-CATS PRP test cases comprehensively cover PRP conformance, functionality, performance and robustness. The coverage includes verification of PRP implementations in Redbox and DANP nodes, validation of control and invalid frames, multiprotocol co-existence (VLAN, PTP, PNAC, LLDP, etc.) and performance measurement for different frame sizes.

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