Veryx Announces Ethernet Protection Switching Tests for Mobile Backhaul
February 22, 2011

Santa Clara, CA, Feb 22, 2011 – Veryx Technologies (formerly Net-O2 Technologies) announced the availability of G.8032 test solution for verification of the Ethernet automatic protection switching (EAPS) mechanism at the Ethernet Technology Summit 2011 being held on February 23 and 24 at the Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, California.

With explosive growth of smartphones and other mobile devices, mobile operators are building capacity with Carrier Ethernet based mobile backhaul networks in order to ensure a high quality of experience with adequate scalability, resiliency and survivability mechanisms.

Equipment manufacturers who offer cell-site Ethernet access switches and aggregation devices for mobile backhaul applications
would need to implement G.8032 ring support to support new Ethernet-based mobile services such as 4G LTE and WiMAX, since it is a key requirement for replacing older SONET/SDH rings. G.8032 is optimized for high-performance Carrier Ethernet applications, providing SONET-like performance with all of the bandwidth and flexibility of Carrier Ethernet.

Veryx ATTEST Ethernet automatic protection switching (EAPS) functional and protocol conformance test suites help verify protection capabilities in switches deployed in Carrier Ethernet based mobile backhaul networks, as defined by ITU-T G.8032/Y.1344.

Combined with the ATTEST Carrier Ethernet Test suites for OAM, MEF, MPLS and BFD, Veryx Technologies offers a complete testing solution to verify the protocol implementations in Carrier Ethernet based networks.

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