Veryx partners with Alkira for Global On-Demand Multi-Cloud Network-as-a-Service

October 6, 2020

Veryx Technologies has partnered with Alkira to offer Alkira’s Cloud Service Exchange (CSX) solution for simplifying enterprise multi-cloud network management and reducing costs.

Today, networking for cloud is complex, mostly static and manually achieved using tedious workflows. As a result, enterprises IT teams supporting multi-cloud environments, experience escalating costs and complexity of networking and security. Alkira Cloud Service Exchange (CSX) is the industry’s only solution with single-click provisioning of the entire global multi-cloud network and network services. Alkira CSX connects users and sites to public clouds and the public clouds together, while cutting provisioning time from months to minutes.

“We are proud to partner with Veryx on solving customers’ networking challenges for hybrid and multi-cloud environments by reinventing the network for the cloud era. Leveraging Alkira Network Cloud solution, Veryx now stands on the very forefront of the networking innovation.” said David Klebanov, Head of Product Marketing for Alkira.

“Partnering with Alkira unfolds exciting times ahead for Veryx as we believe that Alkira’s disruptive solution of consumption-based self-provisioned cloud network will be a game-changer. Using Alkira CSX, Veryx helps businesses design and implement cloud networking that simplifies the process of connecting remote locations to and across public clouds and insert on-demand network services, with full operational visibility and governance.” said Selvaraj Balasubramanian, VP Engineering.

You can view the joint webinar organized titled “Eliminate multi-cloud networking challenges in one click” organized by Veryx and Alkira have organized here.

About Alkira Inc.

The Alkira Cloud Services Exchange™ is the world’s first Network Cloud delivered as-a-service. Unlike hardware-based solutions and do-it-yourself cloud orchestration and management tools, Alkira’s groundbreaking innovation offers enterprises a global virtual network infrastructure for hybrid and multi-cloud network connectivity with integrated network and security services, end-to-end day-2 operational visibility, advanced controls, and governance. With Alkira®, you simply draw your entire enterprise network across users, sites and clouds on a digital design canvas, provision it in one click, and start using it in minutes. No hardware to procure, no software to download, and no cloud to learn. Alkira’s solution is trusted by leading global Fortune-100 Enterprises, system integrators and managed service providers. The Network. Reinvented for Cloud.™

About Veryx Technologies

Founded in 2002, Veryx Technologies ( is a provider of innovative visibility, security and testing solutions for enterprises, cloud service providers, network service providers, and network equipment vendors. Veryx products and solutions have been well recognized in the industry with numerous customer successes and awards. Veryx engineering practice for cloud covers multi-cloud networking, cloud operations, visibility & governance and data & analytics.