Webinar: Achieving CE 2.0 Network Integrity : A solid foundation to enable the Third Network’

November 5, 2014

Date: November 5, 2014

Time: 8 a.m PT/ 11 a.m ET

Duration: 1 hour

Webinar overview:

Since 2012, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 has been the technology of choice for delivering standard, reliable and manageable business services.

Service providers striving to achieve CE 2.0 network integrity require state of the art test solution, allowing them to validate interoperability during service design, verify compliance to CE 2.0 and detect potential performance issues during service activation, and ultimately, provide vendor neutral fault management tools and performance monitoring portals during the entire service lifecycle.

Most recently and building upon the strengths of CE 2.0 and the agility of the Internet, telecommunication networks are evolving to enable more flexible, dynamic and on-demand services, giving rise to a whole new set of network testing requirements. Also, MEF has announced the ‘Third Network’ initiative to enable Agile, Assured, and Orchestrated services between physical and virtual service endpoints using existing networks, as well as NFV, and SDN.

This Webinar will reveal:

– A new approach to optimize CE 2.0 service design
– Cutting-edge test methodologies for service activation
– Proactive means to detect and diagnose service degradation
– How to increase availability using automated diagnostics and assisted troubleshooting
– Innovative test solutions designed to follow the evolution from CE 2.0 to the ‘Third Network’ paradigm.

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Who should attend?

Carrier Ethernet Network Architects, Product Managers, Network Operations and wholesale access teams.


Isabelle Morency
Vice President – Engineering
Veryx Technologies Inc

Isabelle-Grey BG 100x100Isabelle leads the SAMTEST pre-sales team at Veryx. In her previous assignment, she was the Chief Academic Officer at the Carrier Ethernet Academy, a MEF Accredited Training Provider specialized in MEF-CECP training. Isabelle also worked at Iometrix as the Vice President of Engineering and Standards, and served as the editor of the CE 1.0 and CE 2.0 test plans used for the MEF equipment vendor and service provider certification programs. Isabelle began her career at Teleglobe (later acquired by Tata Communications). She has received outstanding contributor awards at MEF, Broadband Forum and IEEE and has contributed on a variety of technical specifications.