KulCloud partners with Veryx to benchmark OpenMUL SDN Controller
March 17, 2015

Paris – KulCloud (www.kulcloud.com) has partnered with Veryx Technologies (www.veryxtech.com) to benchmark the performance of its OpenMUL SDN controller using Veryx PktBlaster SDN solution.  OpenMUL is an OpenFlow based SDN controller platform, designed for performance and reliability needed for deployment in mission-critical networks. KulCloud is demonstrating its solutions at MPLS SDN World Congress 2015 Paris at booth No #313.

“We are pleased that KulCloud is able to effectively showcase the capabilities of OpenMUL Controller by leveraging its partnership with Veryx”, said Isabelle Morency, VP – Engineering of Veryx Technologies. “Veryx offerings for SDN testing encompass performance benchmarking, network emulation and conformance for SDN controllers and switches” she added.

 “We realized that partnering with Veryx Technologies would give us high performance benchmarking capabilities coupled with un-biased independent results”, said Dipjyoti Saikia, Director of KulCloud. “OpenMUL combines network orchestration, control and management in a simple, easy-to-use high performance and extensible software platform.”, he added.

Unlike most of the other SDN controllers, OpenMUL is implemented in C programming language, hence, closer to iron and able to squeeze more out of the same hardware. OpenMUL is able to deliver best in class performance in terms of throughput and latency of flow download rates. It is designed for high performance and reliability which is the need of the hour for deployment in mission-critical networks.

Veryx PktBlaster SDN controller test a software-based, integrated test solution has been used to perform the benchmarking of OpenMUL. PktBlaster SDN emulates a real-world SDN network consisting of both the orchestration and network infrastructure layers.  It runs on commodity hardware, is scalable and can be fully automated.

Veryx is actively working on creating an industry-wide standard methodology for testing SDN controllers. Along these lines, Veryx has recently submitted its testing methodology as a draft proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), for benchmarking SDN controllers for flow performance, scalability and reliability. 

About Veryx Technologies

Veryx (www.veryxtech.com) provides innovative testing, automation and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, Enterprise IT and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing applications for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, SDN, NFV and Smart Networks.

Veryx has been named by Gartner as ‘Global Cool Vendor in Communication Service Provider Infrastructure’ and ‘Cool Vendor Asia Pacific across Industry Categories’.

About KulCloud

KulCloud (www.kulcloud.com) is a cloud networking company focused on developing products & solutions catering to the impending era of SDN/NFV. Headquartered in Pangyo, South Korea and founded in 2011, the company’s vision is to make the network infrastructure dynamic and agile by orchestrating disparate networks in real time.